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Environmental Works

Senior Consulting Engineers carried out Environmental Impact Assessment Studies.


2017 – 2018

  • Project Title “Integrated depollution project for the Bahr Al-Baqar drain pre-feasibility study”. This EU funded Project. The tasks include the following tasks:
    1. Carry out the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the generated projects from this study.
    2. Carry out the water quality modelling of the Belbeis drain (60 km), Qalyubia drain (70km) and Bahr El Baqar drain (120 km) using Duflow software.
    3. Pre-feasibility assessment of the same, notably regarding the technical, environmental, institutional, financial and economic aspects of the proposed investments, including whether it is the most effective least cost solution


  • EIA Study for Incineration Plant in Faculty of Medicine – Ain Shams University


  • Carry out the environmental impact assessment studies for the incineration of the hazard medical wastes in College of medicine – Ain Shams University – Form B


  • EIA Study for sewerage system in 6 villages in Tima markaz, Sohag Governorate, Egypt


  • Carry out environmental impact assessment studies for wastewater collection system in 6 villages in Tima Markaz, Sohag governorate.


  • EIA Study for sewerage system in Kafr Hamoda village, 6 villages in Tima markaz, Sohag Governorate, Egypt


  • Carry out environmental impact assessment studies for wastewater collection system in Kafr Hamoda Village – sohag governorate, Egypt


  • EIA Study for Shatoura Water Treatment Plant (Design Capacity100,000 m3/day), Shatoura village, Sohag Governorate, Egypt


  • EIA study for wastewater system in Kafr Dawood and Al Khatatba villages in Menofyia governorate, Egypt


  • Mitigation of Problems Related to Use and Recycling of Drainage Water of Nubaria Canal Water for Treated Potable Drinking Purposes (HCWW) – MWH England – EU project


  • Assess the water quality in Nubaria canal which influent to WTP’s and identify the proper water treatment technology in order to produce water with quality comply with guidelines of Egyptian Ministry of Health.


  • Warak El Hadar Sewerage System Cairo, Egypt


  • Prepare the EIA Study of Wastewater works in Warrak El Haddar Village, Giza Governorate, Egypt


  • Shakshouk Wastewater Treatment Plant (Fayoum Governorate, Egypt)


  • Prepare the EIA study for Shakshouk wastewater treatment plant in Shashouk village – Fayoum governorate


  • Environmental Impact assessment and environmental management Plan study in East Delta Agricultural Services Project – World Bank Project. East Delta Agricultural Services Project is one of the major land development schemes of Egypt. EDASP area is located south of Lake Manzala alongside El Salam canal to the west and east of the Suez Canal. This proposed project is designed to assist some 29,000 new settlers on an area of about 54,600 ha under the government sponsored reclamation schemes through provision of credit and extension (IDA Credit 3002 EGT and IFAD Loan 440 EG). The baseline costs are estimated at US$ 40 million over an implementation period of five years. The Job is to prepare the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan study to cover the main environmental hotspots in the EDASP project area which includes the following:
    1. Using the polluted wastewater in Bahr Al Bakar in irrigation and reclamation activities because the irrigation water in El Salam canal is not used.
    2. Disposal of untreated domestic and industrial wastewater at water courses and open areas due to absence of wastewater treatment facilities.
    3. Scarcity of clean potable water.
    4. Raising the livestock very close to the human accommodation places.
    5. The accumulation of domestic and agricultural solid waste management
    6. The environmental management plan of agricultural chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers).


  • The Sustainable Tourism Plan for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  • Participate in preparation of Output 1.2 Inventory and Evaluation of Data and participate in the preparation of Output 1.6 Environmental assessment – Client is Law GIBB (UK – Consultant)


  • Feasibility study of Reuse of Treated wastewater and sludge in Jeddah City (Saudi Arabia)


  • Project Manager and Principle Engineer – Prepare and participate in the reuse study for treated effluent and sludge in Jeddah city. The study covers cost analysis, health, institutional, regulation and environmental aspects. Client is water and wastewater municipality in Jeddah


  • EIA Study for Water and Wastewater Projects in Fayoum, Minia and Beni Suef Governorate (Egypt) – USAID Project


  • Participate in the EIA Study prepared by Harza in middle Egypt project for water and wastewater projects in Fayoum, Minia and Beni Suef Governorate The project includes Three water treatment plants, two wastewater treatment plants, many pump stations, force mains, water pipelines, sewerage system.


  • EIA Study for Port Fouad Wastewater Treatment Plant (design capacity 70,000 m3/day) in Port Said Governorate, Egypt.